Professor Reggie Williams & Stacy Williams – Flossmoor, Illinois:

Scope of Work: Total Make Over

The RMI GROUP came recommended to us by our Bank. We had contacted several other contractors to submit bids as well. RMI was the only contractor to address every item on our wish list within our streamline loan amount. Being our first rehab, all the horror stories we had heard about how contractors will give you a low price initially but raise it later, made us very concerned. We requested several references. After all the satisfied responses we got from previous customers we decided to go with RMI. I am so pleased to say that not only did they stay on budget, but they found many materials on sale and passed the savings along which allowed us to do much more than we expected too. Ron is a true artist with the highest level of honesty and professionalism.


Owner Monica Jackson – Ribs & Soul Restaurant -

4844 West 183rd Street, Country Club Hills, Illinois:

Scope of Work: Convert empty space into Dine-in Restaurant with a BBQ Pit

My restaurant wouldn’t be open today if it wasn’t for Ron Muhammad. I didn’t have any prior restaurant experience, and I had a limited budget. RMI was recommended to me by my daughter. I remember the first time I met with Ron. His ability to grasp your ideas then add to them without changing your concept was amazing. I have worked with other contractors in the past, but never anyone like Ron. He never made me feel like I couldn’t do things the way I envisioned them being despite my budget. What I remember most is the inspiration he gave me to pursue my dreams regardless if I chose him as the contractor or not. Although I will admit the total cost of purchasing all new commercial equipment plus converting an empty retail space into a dine in restaurant was a lot more than I originally expected, however, “RIBS & SOUL BBQ” is officially open for business thanks to Ron and his dream team…And the customers always comment how nice it looks…


Dr. Marvin Jackson – Chicago (Westside 2 unit / 2nd floor duplexed):

Scope of Work: Enclose Back Porch to convert space into a dining room and Duplex second floor unit with the attic adding a Master Suite, Master Bath and Laundry.

I am delighted to have a forum to share my experience about RMI Group, Inc. First, this is very professional company that works quickly and efficiently. I purchased a building and the RMI Group was able to do timely updates for me that look spectacular, given my budget. Even after they finished the renovation, they periodically check-up on me to make sure I am still pleased. That in itself says a lot about this company. I am truly thankful that the RMI Group was recommended to me and I utilized their services. They truly care about you. I highly recommend the RMI group for any of your modern updating or complete construction needs.